Video Converter Professional FAQs

Q: what can I do with Video Converter Professional?
A: With Video Converter Professional, you can perform full conversion between many popular file formats.

Q: What are audio and video codecs?
A: A video or audio Codec (Compression/DeCompression) is a software component allowing to encode data to be stored on a media (CD, DVD, etc…) and/ to decode it to be visualized or heard. There are also so-called “hard” codecs usually embedded to camcorders or digital video players or professional and semi-professional video cards for video editing and composing.

Q: What video formats are supported by Video Converter Professional?
A: Video Converter Professional can convert file into many formats, including MP4, 3GP, AC3, AAC, MP2, MP3, MOV, MPEG, RM, WAV, SWF.

Q: How to select input file or files?
A: You can select a file which you would like to convert clicking on Browse button next to the Input File Name field. In an opened Windows Explorer window select a needed file.

You can also select multiple files. To add and delete files from the list, use plus and minus (+ and – ) buttons. Please note, that if you use Browse, your input file will simply be replaced, and no files will be added. But afterwards you will need to specify if you would like to convert them simultaneously to separate files (using Batch Mode processing) or convert them all into one single file (which is set upon default)

Q: How to change output file name and location?
A: You cannot change output file name and location through the main window interface directly. This was done to eliminate the number of error, which may occur if you enter a wrong path. When you click Browse button next to the Output Directory field, a Windows Explorer window opens. Using this window, you can select a location for the output file and change the default name in the File field.

Q: How can I create a video without audio?
A: Select input file, set output file parameters, then go to Edit profile button and select Disable audio in Disable Audio box next to the Audio Codec filed. Close Profile Editor and convert the file.

Q: What is RM?
A: RM (RealMedia) is a digital sound and video file format that is the registered trademark of RealNetworks. This format is typically used to stream media through the net. It can be played with the RealOne player or with other media players using the Real Alternative codec. RealMedia (comprised of RealVideo, RealAudio, and other file formats created by Real) use compression algorithms for eliminating data.

Q: I want to convert MOV files to other files , but it doesn’t work. What can I do?
A: You should firstly install QuickTime Player for support MOV,QT files.