Micro Video Capture FAQs

Q: What could I do with Micro Video Capture?
A: Micro Video Capture is designed to capture video files or images from your DV , TV Cards, USB cameras, and other capture devices. The user-friendly interface, high-qualified capture techs are all perfectly connected in this powerful tool.

Q: I lost my registration code and I want to reinstall Micro Video Capture. What should I do now?
A: If you need to retrieve a lost serial number, please send us your User Name and Email Address in registration to [email protected]. You will get an answer within 24 hours.

Q: How do I find out new software updates?
A: We send mail to our registered customers with update releases. If you do not want this information disturbing your personal email, you can choose to stop receiving it. You can also visit our website to see updates, tips, gifts for customers, and articles.

Q: How to report bugs?
A: Please email bugs to [email protected]. We will reply within 24 hours.

Q: How can I add a water mark on my images or video files?
A: You can go to the interface of “capture setting”, then select “Enable Overlay”, after that you can go back to the main interface and click “settings” to choose “Overlay” to add the water mark such as images on your video files.

Q: I have changed my E-mail address. How can I inform you of the new address?
A: If you changed your email address, please contact us. We will change it in our database, so that we could service you as before.

Q: I purchased a copy of Micro Video Capture, and now I want to use it on another computer. What can I do?
A: The software license is for a single computer. If you would like to use the software on an additional computer, you may enjoy your benefit as a returning customer. You can purchase another license from our Discount-Center. You can send an email to us with your previous purchase information, and we can offer you a discount price within 24 hours.